Fallen On The Map


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Four children from Seventh Year plan to skive off Geography class by hiding in the cellar of the school. The plan is perfect, except for one tiny detail: they never imagined that one frankly unbearable classmate could intrude on their escapade… the class tattletale! While they’re down there, hilarious situations unfold without pause (from unexpected confessions to an improvised trial), but in the surface another story develops: the teacher, the headmistress and the parents’ story, all of them reacting in very different ways to the children’s strange disappearance.

Fallen off the map is a contemporary novel -fun and authentic as few others- that has conquered the heart of generations of teenagers throughout many editions. This book is the beginning of a series of novels. All of them equally captivate and create fans of the saga.

Edad sugerida: a partir de 8 años.

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